By the Purple Post Team

Earlier this school year, Katharine Tracy and Juliette Lange, Co-Founders of the Purple Post, employed the help of two appointed assistants in managing the newspaper. These eager and willing associates were none other than juniors David Montenegro and David Salzillo, who have been participating members since the organization’s inception. At the recommendation of our senior members and, at the behest of Montenegro and Salzillo, Yeivin Herrera and James Ninneman will uphold this newly-established tradition by helping out the organization next year.

David Montenegro has been an extraordinarily busy individual, not only participating in the debate team and holding a public job at the State House, but also taking leadership roles in many organizations both inside and outside of Classical. Most notably, he is the Co-Founder and Executive President of the recently-established WCHS, the school’s official broadcasting network. He has also been the Finance Director of the Yearbook since his sophomore year, and he plans to stay in this position for next year. Yet debate is his true passion, and for almost three years now, he has been a competitive member of the Classical Debate Team. His main interest lies in business administration and politics, fields which he believes will provide him great career opportunities in the future. David will continue to hone his business administration skills by working to bring a sense of direction to the Purple Post through the creation of a Master Plan, a large set of reforms to be instituted to the school’s newspaper. He has been promoted to Executive President of the Purple Post.

David Salzillo Jr. has been a dedicated member of the Classical community, and is intent upon using his leadership skills to help change Classical for the better. Not only has he been intimately involved in the workings of the Purple Post through his previous position as Assistant Editor, he also is the Co-Founder and Executive President of the recently-established WCHS, as well as an active member of the Classical Debate Team. He will aid Mr. Montenegro in bringing a sense of direction and purpose to this organization through the creation of the Master Plan and through endeavors to gain greater exposure for the Purple Post and related organizations such as WCHS. He has been promoted to Editor-In-Chief of the Purple Post.

Yeivin Herrera first joined the Purple Post as a writer in late 2018. His chief goal was a simple one: writing high-quality articles that are relevant to the student body.  He certainly has been doing a great job of that. And since his time here, he has not only grown to become a better writer, but a better leader. As the next Vice-President of the Purple Post, his leadership skills will most certainly be put to the test. Luckily, Yeivin is more than ready to handle the task, and he hopes to use his leadership position to not only better the Purple Post, but the school as a whole. He will do this by continuing to improve his writing skills, bringing awareness to issues that affect his community, and writing articles that paint a vivid and engaging picture of the Classical community. He looks forward to the 2019-2020 school year, and can’t wait to write more articles for the Purple Post.

James Ninneman first became associated with the Purple Post in early March, when he penned a freelance article about the boys basketball team’s stats.  Since then, he has become a contributing staff member and has continued to use the platform to both improve his writing skills and to raise greater awareness about issues that he cares about across the school. James likes to keep his pieces short and concise, while still delivering key points and messages that keep readers interested. As the new Communications Director and Sports Writer of the Purple Post, he will run the Purple Post Instagram account and respond to student inquiries. He looks forward to this new opportunity to showcase his sports-writing skills and leadership qualities.

Henry Tremblay joined the Purple Post in December, and has continued to write about various clubs and activities around the school. He looks forward to continue to practice his writing skills for the Post in the future. He has been promoted to Apprentice Editor of the Purple Post.