By Leo Chan
Purple Post Staff Writer

The end of the school year, unfortunately, brings with it not only the beginning of summer break but also the start of the heart-wrenching goodbyes and farewells to retiring Classical staff. This year, students are bidding adieu to Mr. Cohen, a teacher at Classical for 24 years. Students know him through his work in physical education, and in CPR First Aid, providing guidance to students in both subjects throughout his tenure. He is also the coach for both Classical’s varsity boys’ and girls’ tennis teams.

Last week I sat down with Mr. Cohen to discuss both his impending retirement and his time as a teacher at Classical. Throughout the interview, he expressed his gratitude for his time at Classical, saying that Classical has a special place in his heart, and noting that Classical students really come to the table when it counts. Impressively, he at one point even went as far as to state that he can’t imagine teaching at any other school.  

Even though many students know Mr. Cohen simply as “the health teacher,” some students have had the pleasure of knowing him as Coach Cohen. As a tennis coach, Mr. Cohen devotes great time and effort to helping out the players and introducing them to new skills and techniques. Even after he retires, he will continue to coach the tennis teams, providing guidance and support to these student-athletes when girls’ tennis starts around mid-August and boys’ tennis starts around mid-March.

But he will be missed. And hopefully he, in turn, will not forget all the students and teachers that made his stay here so enjoyable.

Farewell Mr. Cohen, see you soon.