By David Montenegro
Purple Post Executive President

Graphic courtesy of Amelia Ross
Purple Post Graphic Designer

Three years ago.

Time since then has blown by like the wind. Our seniors then were just freshmen at Classical. Our freshmen now were just in their first year of middle school. But when we think about the day Trump got elected, it was as if it was yesterday. As with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the September 11 attacks, everyone will remember exactly where they were when they heard the news of Donald Trump being elected. Everyone will remember what they were feeling that day. Everyone’s thoughts would stay fresh over the years.

Our current senior class, as well as many underclassmen, can picture Classical High School on November 9th. The bus commute was quiet, but we could feel the heavy disappointment in the air. During class, students and teachers expressed their beliefs about the newly-elected president. At Classical, “We Are the Champions” by Queen was played during the morning announcements. Throughout the day, some students and teachers cried, uncertain of what their future may hold.

Our seniors were freshmen, coming right out of middle school in their coming of age. Our freshmen were 6th graders who just graduated from elementary school. Here are the following quotes of current Classical students who decided to share their experiences on that day:

Norah Ryan (2023):

I was in shock, really. It didn’t set in for a while. I sort of walked to my middle school with my friend in silence. It was really foggy that day and I remember that everything felt different and not real. And I remember that one of my friends cried when we watched CNN10 in class and that some of my other friends were worried about what Trump’s ideas would do to them and their parents. I don’t remember crying, but I may have later in the day. It was surreal. I went to sleep when Clinton was in the lead and I woke up to my mom telling me she lost.

Lateefat Oguntade (2022):

I remember thinking everyone was pulling some elaborate prank on me 🥴.

Jefferson Garcia (2020):

I remember prior to the election [that] I would tell everyone that Trump was going to win. They all laughed [at him] and showed me what the polls and analysts were saying. I too looked at these polls and knew that his chances were slim. Clinton was leading in most polls by I’d say a favorable margin. So when he actually won I think all of us were surprised. Ik I was. I might’ve said that he was going to win, but I didn’t believe it. The day after was a very weird one in school. I remember during morning announcements “We are the Champions” by Queen was played, and some people in my home room found it funny. We discussed it in every one of my classes. Many students were crying. Even some teachers were. In my Spanish 3 honors class, students were going on a rant about getting rid of the [E]lectoral [C]ollege. I found that to be a bit absurd. Had Trump won [the] majority vote but lost the election, I don’t believe the reaction would’ve been the same. The point is though that people were obviously disappointed. Yet there were a few people around the school like myself who were excited to see how things would turn out.

Norah Levinson (2022):

The hallways were quiet and everything felt hopeless, like we were mourning.

David Montenegro (2020):

I recall begging my parents for me to stay up late to watch the election, which they refused. The next morning, I asked my parents who won. “Trump,” my mom and dad said in an unsetting tone. For some reason, I was excited of what was to come, now that a reality TV star business-man would become the President. The bus to school was packed as usual, but everyone was awkwardly silent throughout the ride. While I waited outside to enter school, many students had their long faces, others were sobbing. One girl brought a large rainbow flag and an anti-Trump sign. One upperclassman brought his red MAGA hat as a joke. My homeroom’s stillness was comically interrupted by the morning announcements, which played “We Are the Champions” by Queen. I consider myself as an independent. Although I’m not a Trump apologist, he was the underdog who resonated with millions of voters who felt they were left behind the shadows. I know some family friends, even some of who are Latino, who admitted they voted for Trump for the reasons already mentioned.

Kiley Bramson (2022):

My dad woke me up to go to school that morning. He said that Trump won. I laughed and said that’s a funny joke. Then he said [that he was] not joking.

Anonymous Student (2020):

I think the 2016 election was something that the country had coming for [sic] it. For several decades, issues of racial, social, and class tensions have been unaddressed and swept under the carpet, with each American not acknowledging each other’s existence. What I also think that got Trump elected was Middle America’s issues of unemployment and lack of job opportunities being ignored by the coastal elites. I would compare the election ito a clogged pipe—it would have exploded at some point.

Chelcie Speaks (2022):

The day after the election I was so tired because I was up till, like, 2:30 in the morning, watching the colleges decide and even though I knew Hillary was going to lose, I still stayed up, but when I woke up, I was in shock, like, “I just watched the world end and I’m still here”. It was crazy and I just remember the anger shock and sadness everyone around me had because we knew this was not going to end well and if don’t

Alec Mustafayev (2020):

Me when Donald Trump got elected and planned to clean out the house from the corrupt officials and prosecute Hillary for her crimes:

Me when I saw the videos of people crying at Hillary’s loss on the news:

Me when I got on the bus to school and saw people with red eyes, presumably from crying about the election:

Me when Trump ended up substituting a corrupt Democrat house for a corrupt Republican house, refused to prosecute Hillary, refused to end the pointless wars in other countries like he promised, and began bombing even more countries than the Obama administration:

Ella Scott-Walker (2023):

I was only in 6th grade. I remember the day after as just being really somber. A lot of my teachers cried at points during the day, and I just felt numb. If I’m honest, I didn’t expect him to win, so it hadn’t really sunk to comprehend that this was actually happening, I was so sure Hillary would win.

DiaDje Reginald Smart (2023):

I was in the 6th grade and alot of the students were acting like it was the end of the world for them (understandably) as a percentage had some undocumented family members. As I went to school in Central Falls [where approximately eighty percent of people are Hispanic.] Knowing more than I did then, I can say rather controversially that the presidency wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it would be.

Omani Cruz (2023):

I remember feeling hopeless being in a country that’s known for having [or] giving hope and freedom. I felt and knew that the game was gonna change real deal but I never knew it would have changed this much. All I remember was thinking “is this a dream, is he really our new president?” I sat there hesitantly on my bed, like, “as a country, we SCREWED.” Our current president is in his third year of being in office and has barely made any good changes in this country except making big headlines with all his drama and big mouth. 11/09 changed all of our lives for the worse in some way possible [sic] and it’s sad to think about. What’s even worse to think about is, he may be going for a second term which will have 8 years of damage (on our country) with our president too busy being focused on a wall and immigrants. He has barely touched upon and of the real world crisis’ happening such as climate change [or] global warming, world pollution, overpopulation, and more.

In conclusion, if you or your family voted for our president and our senators (since many believe our vote doesn’t have an impact or count), well, think of all the problems like climate change that haven’t been addressed in our country by the president atm, which shows that our current future isn’t “bright” or looking well.

Sam Cooper (2020):

Honestly, I was not as surprised as everyone else when Donald Trump ended up winning the election. I’m not a Trump supporter but I can see why people would like him; he speaks what’s on his mind, [he is] not a typical politician and is uncensored. His opponent was Hillary Clinton, who most assumed would win because she was the better candidate (she was), but as we saw this wasn’t the case. I was supporting Bernie Sanders who lost to her in the primaries. Hillary was lacking that “charisma” to reel [sic] voters in. Whether it was because she was a woman, another Democrat, or the lack of people voting, or even Russia, maybe—I don’t know, but I just had a feeling that Trump was going to win. The media just had overconfidence in Hillary and I guessed that just caused people to assume she was going to win instead of actually hitting the polls.