By James Ninneman
Purple Post Communications Director

The Classical High School Theater Company will perform Neil Simon’s “The Good Doctor” this Friday and Saturday, at 6:30 P.M. The show, directed by English teacher Francesca LeClerc, is approximately 90 minutes long, not including a 15 minute intermission. Here’s why you should buy a ticket:

  1. It’s going to be funny. Very funny. The play, a 1973 script by Simon, is based loosely off the life and writings of Anton Chekhov. It contains no shortage of cynical jokes and satire: a lowly civil servant sneezes on his general, a “drowned man” offers his services, and a father decides to introduce his son to the “mysteries of love.” These are just a few of the raucous scenes that will entertain audiences this weekend.
  2. It’s cheap. With ticket prices set at $3 for students and $5 dollars for adults, you’ll be getting the ultimate bang for your buck. There will be a concession stand as well, with plenty of delicious snacks to whet your appetite at intermission.
  3. You’ll be supporting a great program. Every dollar goes straight to the Classical High School Theater Company, enabling them to continue to put on quality shows. 

Come out for a great evening of entertainment! You can find the full cast list below.

Cast (alphabetical order):

  • Roslyn Adamo
  • Lola Adebayo
  • Adi Altman
  • Mariama Bandabaila
  • Jojo Collins
  • Izzy Giorgi
  • Sam Hamilton
  • Yonah Ingber
  • Ben Jewitt
  • Anthony Joseph
  • Eli Landry
  • Lillian Lefort
  • Juliannie Mateo
  • James Ninneman
  • Isabelle Sabre
  • Jaileen Vargas-Garcia
  • Anastasia White