By David Salzillo Jr.
Purple Post Editor-in-Chief

This time, it was Classical that ultimately presided over what proved to be an epic battle of the wits. In fact, Classical not only hosted last Saturday’s debate tournament, it also provided the judges breakfast and a whole assortment of snacks throughout the breaks in between the rounds. 

The extent of this banquet was in no small part due to the hard work and dedication of Edward de Boo, who painstakingly planned and coordinated every aspect of the presentation. But Classical judges, mainly consisting of parents, were ultimately the ones that “brought in the goods,” so to speak. They contributed to the judges’ breakfast of coffee, donuts, and bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts as well as some homemade blueberry, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin muffins.  

But this is not at all to undercut the extensive accomplishments of the Classical Debate Team last Saturday. To be sure, it was no easy feat for the Classical debaters to break through the crowd, comprised of a particularly competitive pool of debaters. Many of rankings for the awards ceremony were decided by judges’ variance, which relies heavily on the subjective impressions of the judges.  

Nonetheless, the tournament brought first-time debater and junior Nick Griffin into the spotlight. He, along with senior Georgia Crisp, placed 5th as a Novice team, while Nick by himself placed 11th as a Novice speaker. 

Yet, Nick was not, by any stretch of the imagination, the only Classical debater to rank at the Classical tournament. Congratulations to Jason Sibrian and Grace Thorp, who placed 10th as a Varsity team, Grace Thorp on her own, who placed 2nd as a Varsity speaker, Regan “the Queen” Honauer, who placed 16th as a Varsity speaker, and this reporter, who ranked 1st as a Varsity speaker. 

The Purple Post would also like to recognize co-captain David Montenegro, Simon Carr, Zoe Cute, Gretchen Holt, Yeivin Herrera, Yousef Nagib, Henry Tremblay, Omofolarin Balogun, Bryan Jerez, Jedidah Purnell, Sonya Cheteyan, Keyla Cintron, Jayliana Cepeda, Deimaris Gomez, JonLynda Rogers, Nova Crane, and Lee Carrascoza, who also participated in the tournament. 

A special thanks to Ruth Crane, Cindy Holt, Lorraine Rodriguez, and David and Judith Salzillo for volunteering to help out the team.

The next tournament will take place on December 7 at Cumberland High School. Go Purple!