By James Ninneman
Purple Post Communications Director and Sports Writer

Photos Courtesy of Nicole Rabe
Purple Post Photographer

Only 4 female basketball players in Classical history have notched 1,000 career points, and no one has done so in 17 years, until now. With Tuesday’s convincing victory over Prout, senior Nina Karlin joined their illustrious ranks, scoring her 1,001st point on an and one layup (when someone is fouled while taking a shot but scores) less than 5 minutes into the 2nd half. It was a jubilant moment for fans and teammates, who instantly flooded the court to embrace her. 

“Honestly, I thought I took some bad shots,” said Karlin, who has committed to play basketball for Bryant University. “But to get an and one layup to be my 1,000th point was a dream come true… At first I was hoping it would be a [three-point shot], but either way I knew it would be a special moment and I’d be able to share it [with] those who I care about the most.”

Although Classical athletes continue to push the boundaries each and every year, you would be hard pressed to find a player as well-liked and respected as Karlin. Numerous fans packed the gym, watching as she once again dominated the court, finishing with a game-high 22 points. “Nina is a great role model for the entire team,” said senior Grace Jordan. “She is motivated and determined to reach her goals… She has worked so hard for this and it’s so cool to have a teammate that is so talented and is building such a legacy at Classical.”

Indeed, hard work doesn’t even begin to describe Karlin’s diligence and effort which she has consistently displayed across her four years at Classical, during which she has played two other varsity sports (soccer and softball) in addition to basketball. “Ever since freshman year I was joking around with some of my friends, talking about how I wanted to get to 1,000… and finishing off junior year really strong both with [winning the Division II championship] and my points, I knew it could become a reality if I put in the work. I also knew I would have to get bigger, so I really started to go to the gym and lift twice a week… [In] that short period of in between soccer and basketball, I would go everyday to either get shots up or lift.”

Karlin with her 1000 point trophy.

Although long overlooked, girls basketball continues to demand the attention of the Classical community. With Tuesday’s 52-22 victory, the team improved to 13-0 before suffering a tough loss to undefeated Scituate. From here, they will play three more games in the regular season, including next Friday’s senior night match against West Warwick, before diving headfirst into the Division II playoffs. “I honestly think we can go back to back with championships and make it pretty far in the open tournament [which includes teams from all divisions],” said Karlin. “I’m really excited for the journey to come and can’t wait.”

Come out and fill the stands on Monday for Lady Purple’s 6:00 game against Shea. You can find a link to their schedule below.