The Purple Post

The Official Newspaper of Classical High School. Established in 2016

The Purple Post

The Purple Post


Supervisor: Mr. Macksoud

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Club Description or Mission Statement: The Purple Post is Classical High School’s Official Newspaper. As stated in its Constitution, its purpose is to “provid[e] Classical students and staff with school news and relevant student commentary on a consistent basis.” Thus, the newspaper “shall serve as an information center for students who have any school-related questions and/or concerns.” The Purple Post was founded in 2016 by then-sophomores Katharine Tracy and Juliette Lange to replace the defunct Classical Review (more info on the history of the Purple Post here). In the 2018-2019 school year, the Organization has grown considerably.

Under the leadership of current Executive President David Montenegro and Editor-in-Chief David Salzillo Jr., the Purple Post will, among other things:

  • Greatly expand its advertising and recruitment efforts
  • Enact internal reforms in order to maximize efficiency and to facilitate greater outreach to the student body
  • Maintain the official Classical High School Club Directory
  • Broaden the Freelance Writing Program
  • Establish a more secure article review system (where School Administration serves as the final arbiter on what is or isn’t published)
  • Create a close working relationship with Classical School Administration

Location: Room 346

Meeting Days and Times: Flexible and not mandatory

Club Membership Status: Public, anyone can join or apply


Membership Roster: Check Here

Approximate Number of Members: 30

Additional Information: Please check the About Us section for more information

Last updated: 2/7/2020

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